Friday, September 19, 2014

My first year in Israel

I want to update you on my new life in tel aviv Israel . it is a
wonderful .

in the pass year I was in tons of trips for start a cruise with my Friend melisa
pass October Venice to Athens then Albert replaced her ha ha and we went in a six day cruise to Rome .
In December we went to thaiti , feb to Cuba march South America
My son Ariel moved to feel aviv he is working and enjoying his life.
In July we went to Germany and Italy and in sep I went Budapest with my family !

A year of traveling !

My boys and Albert are going to meet in Amsterdam with my new kitchen as the base for my cooking .
we will go to Palermo for alberts birthday in October and I will be going to New York in November .
Love life in Israel with the war and all

Nava Writz

Location:Tel aviv

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